The Chitauri


Unique hand made piece
Sculpted solely from the pages of a blessed Holy Bible
Paper mâché
Hand rendered oxidisation
12cm x 9cm x 8cm

Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa talks of the Chitauri, a highly intelligent and aggressive reptilian species ruled by a Reptilian God that he calls Umbaba or Jabulon, a dragon-like being that walks up-right.

He chronicles Africa’s most ancient times in which Africans did not use speech but instead used telepathy to communicate with each other and nature.

According to Baba Mutwa, these telepathic abilities were diminished when speech was introduced by a species of Reptilian beings he calls the ‘Chitauri’ or ‘the Talkers’, according to the Ancient teachings of African Mystics.

This Ancient Tradition also records how humans were altered by the Chitauri so they could use speech and learn to use the technology brought by the Chitauri.

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