Unique hand made piece
Sculpted from the pages of a blessed Holy Bible
Paper mâché
Hand rendered verdigris
8cm x 6cm x 12cm

African folklore tells of beings from ‘elsewhere’ that interbred with humans in order to create beings to be the Kingship. Zulu actually means ‘interplanetary space’ which is where the Zulu people believe they come from.

Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa also talks of the Chitauri, a highly intelligent and aggressive reptilian species ruled by a Reptilian God that he calls Umbaba or Jabulon, a dragon-like being that walks upright.

Zulu legends believe The Moon to be hollow and the home of the Chitauri. The legend states that The Moon was brought here hundreds of generations ago by two brothers, Wowane and Mpanku, known as the water brothers as they both had scaly fish-like skin.

Wowane and Mpanku stole Moon in the form of an egg from the ‘Great Fire Dragon,’ and emptied out the yolk until it was hollow. Then they “rolled” The Moon across the sky to the Earth which brought about the cataclysmic events on this planet that ended the ‘Golden Age’ of the past.

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