The Archons


Unique hand made piece
Sculpted solely from the pages of a blessed Holy Bible
Paper mâché
Hand rendered oxidisation
30cm x 20cm x 20cm

Archons are, in Gnosticism and religions closely related to it, demonic entities subordinate to the embodiment of evil in the corresponding belief-system.

Among the Archontics, Ophites, Sethians and in the writings of Nag Hammadi library, the Archons are rulers, each related to one of seven planets; they prevent souls from leaving the material realm.

Gnostics believed that the story of creation found in the Bible was a lie and that God wasn’t actually the one responsible for the creation of our world, at least not directly. They claim the evidence of this comes from the imperfection, tragedy, and evil in our world. A good God could never have created it.

The political connotation of their name reflects rejection of the governmental system, as flawed without chance of true salvation.

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