Future Relics is a realisation of many years research and experimentation, culminating in over 20 unique pieces that translate modern conspiracy theories into representations of future mythologies.

All pieces are made almost entirely from papier mâché pages of a Blessed Holy Bible with hand rendered verdigris and faux oxidisation creating illusory age and authenticity.

Based on the form of ancient Peruvian conehead skulls that some believe to be ancestors of ‘the Gods who once walked amongst men’, each piece nods to the respective belief system of past and current religions whilst simultaneously representing modern theories.

The Anunnaki, Nephilim Archons and Chitauri are said to be the origin of all modern Royal families throughout history and believe their bloodline to be a direct lineage from God, instilling them through ancestry with a ‘God given right to rule’.

These descendants of a hybrid race are said to be the distant relatives of interactions between mankind and angels. The Immaculate conception being an engineered, artificial insemination between the ‘Sons of God’ and the ‘daughters of men’ as quoted in the Old Testament.

Jick was born in Lincolnshire in 1975 and moved to London to study in 1993. Growing up in a working class and very violent environment, art became an outlet for thoughts and ideas alien to his peers and surroundings.

Always knowing he would leave , Jick moved to London to attend university in 1993, graduating at 20. Oblivious to the option of studying fine art, Jick trained as a graphic designer. His roots and upbringing motivating him to qualify in a field with broader employment opportunities.

Being drawn to fine art throughout his entire life it seemed that Jick would always inevitably follow his heart not his head. Originally a portrait painter, Jick specifically chose only himself, family and friends as subjects in attempts to attain the highest levels of technical ability, believing that an artists original, unique and honest style developed only as a result of hard work.

Early attempts to obtain representation led Jick to create Untitled, an agency to develop platforms for fellow artists (also at the beginning of their career) where they could sell work direct and commissions free. This included one of the first online galleries back in 2001 with 3 spaces central London spaces to follow, and since 2008, the UK’s largest artists’ fair held annually in Chelsea.